Hail Yes! (Post #178) 5/18/2010

Victory is mine!
Okay, I was the successful bidder on one of the trailers. 465$(US) and its all mine. I still have to get a pintle hitch setup for the Range Rover but by the end of the month I’ll have the trailer at the house.

I now have to get busy on mechanical repairs, mainly my viscous coupling. I am going to attempt to repair it either this weekend or next. I also have to fashion a gate in the back yard to store my trailer. I had dreams that I could store it on the side of the house. But sadly the builder gave me the wrong property lines and now I don’t think I have room for a gate. So I’ll have to pull it out through the field behind the house. That’s no big deal except I won’t be able to get to the trailer if it rains very much.

But hey! I have a trailer. I have already been thinking about a battery system and some modifications. It would be nice if I could store the propane tank on the tongue and have a place to store batteries to power lights and such.

Well if you have not been living under a rock you should have seen by now some video of the hail storms of May 16th, 2010. Unreal only barely describes the ferocity of this storm.

The white stuff in the middle isn’t rain. It’s hail. A veritable column of hail falling from the sky.

You can search YouTube for more videos. The damage throughout the city was horrible. Thankfully we didn’t get any of this in Norman. I was driving home from my father-in-law’s house. The sky to the North was black. As I turned on to Robinson to head west I felt the temperature drop 20 degrees. My friend has a great pic of the hail in his step-son’s driveway.

As my friend GiGi said on Facebook after the tornadoes blew through, “You have to be made of tough stuff to live in Oklahoma.” I couldn’t have said it better GiGi.

I’ll post up some pics from the trip to pick up the trailer and such later in the month.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.