Transmission Completed (Post #534) 4/8/2015

Good news! My transmission is in and works like a dream. Mickey’s crack team of mechanics got the transmission installed in good order. They had a few bumps from the ancient original hoses that were still in use. The ones that gave the most trouble were replaced by Rover Cannibal.

I knew going in that the transmission fluid cooling hoses needed to be swapped out. Instead of swapping, Mickey sent them to Palace Auto Supply for them to be re-made. The oil cooling hoses, as I’ve mentioned before, were “wet” and needed to be replaced before they facilitated a lovely engine fire.
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Back in the Saddle Again (Post #533) 3/30/2015

I picked up the Big White Bus on Saturday. Mickey was pretty busy this week and had to catch up on Saturday. I unfortunately did not leave enough gas in her for a proper test drive. So he told me to give her a spin around the block and give her a shake down.

I got her out on Industrial Boulevard and the new transmission was immediately noticeable. Smooth shifting, the proper feel of torque to the tires, simply amazing. I remarked to Mickey that I would have like to have driven a new Range Rover so I could have experienced a good tight model. I will definitely have a chat with Nathan York when he brings in the next nearly restored or fully restored Range Rover Classic. I’d love to drive another to see how close, or more likely far away, I am from cleaning up my rattletrap.

I have made two trips out to Newcastle and been to work on the north side of Oklahoma City and everything is seem to be in order. I’ve burned a half tank of petrol so far and am anxious to see if I’m getting any return on my gas mileage.

SCARR is just two weeks away. A few people have mentioned they are interested in attending and I know John is definitely coming. We’ll be down there Thursday afternoon. It is a 5.5 to 6.0 hour drive down. We plan on leaving at our leisure Thursday morning. So if you are coming down be sure to email me or call me so we can share a brew together.

I hope to see you at SCARR. Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Transmission Going In (Post #532) 3/26/2015


Well the Big White Bus is on the lift at Mickey’s Garage for a much needed transmission transplant. While up there I’m having the transmission cooling lines and the oil cooling lines replaced. Palace Auto rebuilt the hoses.

This repair was in preparation for S.C.A.R.R. With yesterday’s exciting weather events and this crazy week at work, a day off will be welcome and just what the doctor ordered.

The transmission replacement will hopefully allow me to facilitate the purchase of a possible light-weight travel trailer. I’ve mentioned it before. We are looking at either a classic “canned ham” or a Casita.

I’m looking forward to getting back behind her steering wheel. My friend Paul loaned me his Ford Expedition and it feels a bit like what I imagine driving a Stryker armored personnel carrier would be like. This thing is humongous. I am blessed to have such good friends.

Say a prayer for those who lost their homes in yesterday’s storms throughout Oklahoma.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Transmission Rebuild In Progress (Post #529) 3/11/2015


King Transmission called today and they will be getting started building my transmission. I’m very excited that I will have a fully functional transmission.

The Plan
The plan has been to minimize my vehicle downtime. So I went to Rover Cannibal and picked up a core. I took it to King Transmission on Classen in Norman.

They come highly recommended. Mickey of Mickey’s Garage, Ryan from Rover Cannibal,  and my friend JagGuy all spoke highly of their work. They build all sorts of transmissions for many applications. Racing, luxury autos,  and the best 4×4’s x far. The last time I was there the was a bloody dragster in one of the bays.

I am hoping for several outcomes with this new transmission.
One, better gas mileage. I know the tranny is slipping and not functioning optimally.
Two, I can now haul a trailer effectively. Even the slightest bit of tow weight and the Range Rover acts like a ninety-seven year old man pulling an apple cart uphill.

I’ll post again when I get close to having the transmission installed.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Big Pile of Maintenance (Post #528) 3/6/2015


Its time for the first round of maintenance for our trip to S.C.A.R.R. I got a box of goodies from Rovah Farm. They are a “new to me” supplier out of Arkansas. I have trouble getting parts out of New England this time if year. Something about weather… blah, blah, blah, winter… blah, blah, blah, cancelled flights, yada, yada, yada. Following Okierover standard procedure I managed to order something that was out-of-stock.┬áRovah Farm let me know and we agreed to wait for everything before shipping. Once everything was in it was a two day delivery, his door to mine. Excellent. We lucked out and just missed our last winter blast which would have probably delayed the order. Continue reading “Big Pile of Maintenance (Post #528) 3/6/2015”

Time to Prepare for S.C.A.R.R. 2015 (Post #524) 2/16/2015

Doesn’t the Big White Bus look good all washed up parked in the drive. Well she looks better with a little mud on the tires and traipsing up and down the hills of Barnwell Offroad Park┬áin East Texas. Yes, it’s close to that time of year again. Its time to prepare the Range Rover for the South Central Area Rover Rendezvous aka SCARR.

Once again there is lots to do. A short list…

  • Transmission Rebuild
  • Plugs, wires, and cap
  • Tie-rod ends
  • Oil Pan Gasket
  • Power Steering Leak

Its a short list but an expensive one. Getting the transmission done will be somewhere in the 2000$(US). I’ve known this was a problem for a while now. I’ve turned 220,000 miles and I think it’s time for a rebuild on the transmission. I have a plan for this. Continue reading “Time to Prepare for S.C.A.R.R. 2015 (Post #524) 2/16/2015”