Transmission Going In (Post #532) 3/26/2015


Well the Big White Bus is on the lift at Mickey’s Garage for a much needed transmission transplant. While up there I’m having the transmission cooling lines and the oil cooling lines replaced. Palace Auto rebuilt the hoses.

This repair was in preparation for S.C.A.R.R. With yesterday’s exciting weather events and this crazy week at work, a day off will be welcome and just what the doctor ordered.

The transmission replacement will hopefully allow me to facilitate the purchase of a possible light-weight travel trailer. I’ve mentioned it before. We are looking at either a classic “canned ham” or a Casita.

I’m looking forward to getting back behind her steering wheel. My friend Paul loaned me his Ford Expedition and it feels a bit like what I imagine driving a Stryker armored personnel carrier would be like. This thing is humongous. I am blessed to have such good friends.

Say a prayer for those who lost their homes in yesterday’s storms throughout Oklahoma.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.