Back in the Saddle Again (Post #533) 3/30/2015

I picked up the Big White Bus on Saturday. Mickey was pretty busy this week and had to catch up on Saturday. I unfortunately did not leave enough gas in her for a proper test drive. So he told me to give her a spin around the block and give her a shake down.

I got her out on Industrial Boulevard and the new transmission was immediately noticeable. Smooth shifting, the proper feel of torque to the tires, simply amazing. I remarked to Mickey that I would have like to have driven a new Range Rover so I could have experienced a good tight model. I will definitely have a chat with Nathan York when he brings in the next nearly restored or fully restored Range Rover Classic. I’d love to drive another to see how close, or more likely far away, I am from cleaning up my rattletrap.

I have made two trips out to Newcastle and been to work on the north side of Oklahoma City and everything is seem to be in order. I’ve burned a half tank of petrol so far and am anxious to see if I’m getting any return on my gas mileage.

SCARR is just two weeks away. A few people have mentioned they are interested in attending and I know John is definitely coming. We’ll be down there Thursday afternoon. It is a 5.5 to 6.0 hour drive down. We plan on leaving at our leisure Thursday morning. So if you are coming down be sure to email me or call me so we can share a brew together.

I hope to see you at SCARR. Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.