Exhaust Gasket Blow Out

The Big White Bus started sounding like she was losing a catalytic converter. The sound started as a ticking. However yesterday and today I knew it was a blown exhaust gasket and a missing exhaust stud. I naturally assumed the worst had happened and I would need new exhaust pieces. I was prepared to replace the exhaust starting with the Y. It’s Frankenstein’d together as it is. The next problem or failure is going to require a new exhaust system. I thought that was now. […]

Preppers Anthem

If you don’t watch “Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Channel” (National Geographic) then this song really doesn’t mean anything to you other than a message about how we are destroying the world around us. To those of you who do watch “Preppers” you “get it”. I enjoy watching the Preppers show. I have learned something different[…]

Color matters?

According to an iVillage post the color of your car says a lot about you. I’m not so sure about that really. I’ve read a few pages that say what the TYPE of car you drive says about you. I will acknowledge that this is at best pop-science. One of my favorite television personalities, Sheldon[…]