Happy Pi Day (Post #464) 3/14/2014

Posted at 3/14 15:55 or 3.1415926


Without π we would have to calculate the circumference of our wheels and tires and the cubic inches of our motors with some other more primitive method.

Happy Pi Day Everyone.







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Mmmmm pie.

Gearing Up for SCARR, Part Two (Post #462) 3/12/2014

I’ve been getting my kit together for S.C.A.R.R. the past few weeks. I am going to be putting up a few posts about new, new-old, and old kit for the trip.

Recovery Gear


I needed a rear recovery shackle. I don’t expect to get stuck but you have to be prepared for such things. I have a Class Three Hitch and have various hitches for pulling stuff. I have a pintle hitch and a standard hitch with multiple size balls, I’m well covered in the hitch department.

I have installed hooks on the front of the Range Rover. They have been up there quite a while. You can read the original post in my Technical Tips section. I pulled them off a Chevy Suburban in a breaker’s junk yard. I’m sure they never used them. I attached them to the frame with Grade 8 bolts.

So to solve the rear recovery problem I bought a shackle hitch off Amazon.com. I researched them and bought one that was Made in the U.S.A. It is a Bestop 42922-01 HighRock 4X4 2″ Receiver Recovery Hitch Insert with D-Ring Shackle. I sent Bestop an email asking them where it was manufactured. They responded it was in the good old U.S. of A. Doing my part when I can.

UPDATE: I received the hitch with a sticker that said MADE IN CHINA. So as you can imagine I’m pretty pissed. I sent them a nasty email and I rated the transaction poorly on Amazon. This is the problem with buying on the interwebs, trustworthiness of vendors. So if this is important to you I suggest you confirm with your own eyes.

Bestop HighRock 4X4
2″ Receiver Recovery Hitch Insert
with D-Ring Shackle

There were some “sexier” versions of this device out there. But for 35$(US) I couldn’t justify spending twice that for a “named brand”. Especially if they couldn’t tell me where they were made.

So now I have front and rear recovery points. I have what might be considered “lesser” quality recovery straps which are in fact tow straps. I will need to purchase a recovery strap set in the future if I am going to do this correctly.

Gearing Up for S.C.A.R.R. Part One. and Part One UPDATE

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No North American Visits? (Post #456) 2/27/2014

I just checked my stats and NO ONE from North America has visited my blog today.

I’d say thanks for reading and Happy Rovering but I don’t speak Germany, Hindi, Finnish, what ever they speak in Kenya, or Russian. That’s all the countries that have visited so far. Hmmmm.

Is it something I said?