Traffic Post Tornado

Traffic. I drive through Moore and South Oklahoma City on my way to my job at the capitol every day. My hours allow me to miss most of the traditional 0800 and 1700 traffic pile ups. When bad weather hits, all bets are off. The recent tornado in Moore has cut the city virtually in[…]

Christmas Snow No Pudding For You

Merry Christmas everyone. I had thoughts of posting another series of posts on the 12 days of OkieRover Christmas and the Festivus holiday tradition of the Airing of Grievances but was just not motivated to do so this year. School was hard on me this semester and my writing energy was hammered by the class. Also, one[…]

Tornado Wedding in Kansas

We always kid around about going out on the porch to watch the tornado. My daughter and wife watched the 2012 Norman tornado blow by the house (2500 feet) just last month from the “safety” of our back porch. However nothing really compares to this… Here’s a longer clip from Youtube. This was recorded in[…]