Holy Crap the Classic is Running (Post #276) 12/12/2011

I’ve had to take a few weeks off to finish the semester. I should have an “A” in Motivation in Learning & Leadership LSTD 3673. During that time I ordered a coil and a cap and rotor. Its been killing me not to go out and install it. I ordered the parts from Atlantic British. I was absolutely surprised how much a coil costs. My local O’Reilly Auto Parts had one for 134($US). Rovers North had a coil for 180+($US). What on earth? This thing is a Buick. Read that as its basically a fancy Chevy. A replacement coil pack for a 1993 Chevy Blazer is 19($US). NINETEEN DOLLARS! What is so special about a coil that makes it cost 180 dollars? Some one please tell me. I realllllly want to know. In any event I finished my final paper, Motivational Strategies of United States Marine Corps Recruiting Posters (link provided by request, enjoy), and braved the rainy 40 F degree weather to install the new coil. It wasn’t all that cold and I got the new coil installed and got the rotor and cap installed. I went into the cab inserted the key and the Range Rover roared to life. ROARED to life. The radiator fan was tapping the shroud again so I shut her down. I got two larger screws and adjusted the shroud so it was not making contact with the fan. I started her back up and let her run…and run…and run. I closed the bonnet and and let her heat up. She ran flawlessly. I need to take her out for a test drive and make sure she is running right. Maybe I’ll drive her to work on Friday. So was my problem all along a bad coil? I bought that coil only a few years ago. I’m not exactly sure what year it was, but I remember installing it. And I remember the Range Rover was sitting in the driveway of this house. So am I to guess that coils only last a couple of years? Why did my first coil last 7 years? Why did the coil in my Ford Maverick Grabber NEVER have to be replaced? What’s up with that? So I’m guessing I will have to learn some things about coils. I am almost sure this coil died from heat. Its just a guess, but its dead now and a new one is installed. Thanks for following the saga and sorry it took so long to solve it. Now we are on to repairing the brake light switch which hangs on and the windshield seal replacement in an attempt to eliminate a leak. Once that is done I can reinstall the floor insulation and carpets. Then its on to finding a new sound system, air conditioning, and new shocks and springs. After that I will attempt to sort out the central locking system. Wait, this seems like I have a bigger list than I did when she was up on jack stands all summer. How did that happen? Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

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