January 23rd, 2003 (Post #19)

January 23, 2003
It is bitter cold outside. For all of you from other parts of the world that means it is in the teens outside with a wind chill in the minus ranges. I’m sure Rob can tell us of cold weatherup North near Canada. This is the cold that you all know and love. You all know it because nothing fails on your Rover until it gets this cold outside. The power steering pump is failing, I know it’s days are numbered. The fluid leak has exaserbated the problem and I will likely need to replace it. I am now angry that I squandered the 60 degree temperatures of last weekend with house silliness instead of Rover silliness. If the weather guys are correct we should warm up next week. I will be doing auto repair if I know what’s good for me.

Add to the list below….

  • Exhaust.
  • The exhaust is in bad shape. I forgot to include this on the list with the rest last week.

  • Rusty Tailgate.
  • Everyone I know has this problem. I need to find that rust stopping goo. If anyone knows what it is called email me so I can get some.

    January 13th, 2003 (Post #18)

    January 13, 2003
    RovErica asked me while I was doing my duty of delivering her “taxi style” to another of her activities, “so, do you have any work to on the Rover?”

    What a question. I knew I only had 5 minutes to tell her an answer before she got out
    of the truck so I gave her a short list. To which she asked, “was any of that under the hood?”
    Yes and told her which of the things would be under the hood. On the way home that got me thinking, that there is a lot to do on the Rover and I’m not doing any of it. You probably have a list of want-to-dos, have-to-dos, and should-dos, too. I encourage you to write it down and then let it eat a whole in you as you continue to ignore the work you have just made for yourself.
    What follows is a list of the things I know about and should start work on when the days and funds allow.

    In no particular order.

  • Cooling Problem.
  • The cooling problem only raises it’s ugly head during the summer months in Oklahoma. I have done some work on this the last two years but have not found the problem yet.

  • Power Steering Leak, Part Duex
  • I had a hose fail in the past. Now I have another leak but it has been too cold to find it.

  • Broken fog lamp
  • The Big White Bus was driven by my daughter and the next day I had a broken lamp. Coincidence?

  • Trouble Light
  • Want to add a trouble light I got off a 1995 GMC truck under my hood.

  • Driver’s Seat
  • Heater never worked. A warm butt is a happy butt. Memory switches quit working. No biggy but annoying.

  • Air Conditioning Compressor
  • Has a leak. Actually the entire seal around the compressor is showing the tell tale green
    ooze we put in to find the leak. Probably a new compressor sometime next year.

  • Suspension
  • I know I should replace the shocks and the bushings. Ryan has suggested new springs too.

  • Exhaust.
  • The exhaust is in bad shape. I forgot to include this on the list with the rest last week.

  • Mysterious leak
  • There is a mysterious leak that wets the carpet up front during the rainy months. Windshield is probably the culprit. I need to have it pulled and resealed.

    So if you were wondering if you were the only one with a naggy list of Rover To-Dos, wonder no more you are among friends.

    January 2nd, 2003 (Post #17)

    January 2, 2003
    Happy New Year
    The first real snow of the year was a big disappointment. Not a single challenging driving situation presented itself. Bummer. But on the other hand another muddy driving situation surprised me on the way to a friend’s New Years Party. The way to my friend’s is paved the whole way except for a seldom usedshort cut only known to residents of the neighborhood. In the interest of time I took the short cut that Saturday night. It has been wet a little and I did not expect the mud hole that I found as I exited the highway. I slowed as usual but an on coming car caused me to turn off the Hellas leaving me a bit short of light on the sides. I waited for the car and turned off the highway right into a very muddy bit of road.

    I turned the Hellas back on to see the mud hole with the accompanying side tracks to drive around the water hole. I took the path in the middle. Half water hole and half roundabout.
    My wife exclaimed, “are you sure you should drive in there?” I said, “No problem.” And I was right. We went in mud everywhere and came out the other side like nothing happened. My only concern was getting mud on our fancy party clothes as we exited the Rover. I told my friends about the short cut with the surprised host exclaiming, “You went in there?!?” On the way home I could not resist driving through it again. As I exited the other side to get back on the highway. The very satisfying sound of mud centrifically leaving the tires and thumping under the truck was priceless.

    Just a thought here. I was thinking about my Range Rover the other day and wondered if when it came out Land Rover owners thought of it as a less capable vehicle. It occurred to me that maybe we think the new Range Rover is less capable off road than it’s older cousins. I have heard some grumblings as to that affect. So in 10 years when the off-road trails are clogged with the 2003 Range Rovers will we think they are still less capable?

    As to the story below, it was not a G4. 🙁

    December 23rd, 2002 (Post #16)

    December 23, 2002
    First Real Snow of the Year
    The first real snow has fallen. I am not sure how much but it is there tempting me to drive in it. The Ditchfinder is “going wheeling” tonight. So a recovery call is probably inevitable.Inappropriate Matt gave me one of the funniest Rover stories today. He also has fueled a rumor that there is a G4 in town. I hope to see it to confirm, but I will have to take his word for it for now. He said, “that’s the truck” when I showed him a picture.

    Silverado Taunted, By Silverado Matt
    I drive a 2001 Chevy Silverado. The rear tires were a little wore but I didn’t think anything of it.
    Driving along I-44 by MLK in Oklahoma City I started to move to the right most lane where the on ramp is for I-35. While changing lanes my truck started sliding. I turned into the slide but ended up doing a 180 across the middle of I-44 to the left side of the road. Luckily everyone was able to safely avoid me and keep on going. I ended up in a ditch on the highway’s median “Stuck”. I tried unsuccessfully to get out but had no luck. There was no traction whatsoever. So I started to walk across the highway and noticed a Progressive insurance vehicle had stopped for me. The girl that stopped let me use her phone. I called my dad to pull me out.

    While waiting a Land Rover pulled up, about 100 ft in front of my truck. It drove forward and backwards in the median as if to taunt me by showing “see what I can do”. I thought it was just messing with me and would soon leave. Eventually he drove to my window and asked “Do you want out?” Of course I said yes. When we were hooking up his winch (Silverado Matt actually typed “wench” here which makes this an entirely different type of story) to my truck I told him I have a friend that I give a hard time about his Land Rover that breaks down all the time. I also told him I would never give my friend a hard time about his Rover again. Needless to say he pulled me most of the way out as my dad arrived to finish the job.

    Another convert is born. Silverado Matt said, if he had the money he would, “buy one of those, no question.”

    December 10th, 2002 (Post #15)

    December 10, 2002

    Garage Day Success

    Garage Day was a success.

    The Land Rover Bomber Jackets were a big hit.

    Got the bad brake fluid changed. There were a great many bits floating in the recovery bottle.
    The fluid is translucent now as opposed to the tea colored fluid we removed. There will be a
    right up soon. Look for it.

    See you at the next one.

    December 3rd, 2002 (Post #14)

    December 3, 2002
    The Joys of Urban Living and Good Thing He was at the Garage
    Garage Day is Saturday. With that in mind Friday after Thanksgiving was a crummy day. I went out to the curb to return the trash cans to the side of the house and there on the ground was my right rear lens protector and some red plastic. I looked at it an thought that’s strange. Then I looked at the truck, long scratch, and a torn quarter panel (with hole). Seems the City of Norman trashman put the retrieval arm of his large trash truck down the side of the Range Rover. Boy was I steamed. I called the City and they came out and assumed full responsibility and the driver returned and apologized.
    Monday I went to get estimates for repair. Surprisingly the damage was anywhere from $1200-1400(US). Good grief! In the good ole days my Dad would have said lets pound it out and fill it with Bond-O. Well on a steel car maybe, aluminum who knows. We would have been out $200 with paint. I will have it repaired but the process to be paid by the city is tenuous so I will have to wait until they approve the repair at the City Council meeting someday in the future.
    My arrival at work was greeted by several jokes. A sign with pictures of trash trucks and dumpsters from FordShortBed (a new evil woodworking superhero) that says “Stay away from these!!! They are dangerous!!!” stubbornly taped to my monitor. Also Titanium Hitch came in and said excitedly “come on, quick we gotta move the Rover there’s a trash truck in the parking lot!!” I almost got up and went out there. Ha Ha. I will keep you apprised and I will post some pics when I can get them back.

    Almost a recovery…
    JagGuy drove his Range Rover to Cajun Country (Baton Rouge) over the long weekend and back home. 1500 miles round trip. And after stopping at the Garage to pick up some stuff he came out put his truck in gear and a lound “BINK” came from under the truck. He had a CV joint fail. Wow, what luck that he was at the Garage when it happened. He called me on Monday and told me he had already taken it apart and was heading to Rover Cannibal to pick up a spare. He promised pictures and a write up for all of us. I will post it when he finishes it. It will give him a good reason to buy a digital camera if he didn’t already have one.