October 13th, 2003 (Post #34)

October 13, 2003
Error 34
I have received some excellent advice regarding my Error 34. My fuel economy was 13.7 on my last fill up and that is unacceptable! I will first try to clean my injectors with a chemical fuel additive. I will add the additive this week and clear the code after I fill up. It is time for an oil change anyway and I will do that this weekend. I checked out the link from Kevin in the
forums about getting my injectors cleaned instead of replacing them.

Cruzin Performance is the link and that looks really cool. A new set of injectors will cost around $600. Where as Cruzin Performance will clean each injector for around $15 plus shipping. I need to check turnaround times and get my carpool buddy to drive until they return, if I choose that route. I wish I could go up there and watch them do the work.