September 19th, 2002 (Post #4)

September 19th, 2002
I just finished the entire diary (took me 3 days reading) for the
guys and their trek around the Americas in their Ex-British Marine 109. If you haven’t checked them out, do. They are on the adventure of a lifetime. They have been on the continent for over a year, touring in their truck. I don’t know if I could do that trip but it looks like fun. Their Ex-British 109 is
very interesting and oh man do I want one. My next vehicle will be one of these trucks. Maybe a four door.
I know I can’t afford the Defender 110 NAS. Their owners are very proud of them. But I could get one of the more spartan vehicles the are EX-MOD. There are a few importers out there.Dude, your getting a Series.

Badges we don’t need no stinking badges….

Actually I think having badges would be cool. I have been poking around the internet and found some links to badges. There are just about a million different badges. Everything type of design you could think of is out there. What would we have on our badges? It’s Oklahoma, maybe a representation of Oklahoma. I was thinking of a cartoon caricature of a Scissor-tail Flycatcher behind the wheel of a Rover like the South Carolina Rover Club, they have a Gator. We could go more “high brow” and have a badge like some of the MG clubs. Maybe the shield from the Oklahoma State flag as the background with some lettering. Think about it. Your input will certainly be required.

Here’s a link with some examples.

Car Badges from Around the World

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

September 18th, 2002 (Post #3)

September 18th, 2002
The brake wear indicator has been flickering for about 2 weeks. This last week it has been on more than off, so it’s time to order brake pads and get them installed. Ordered brake pads from Atlantic British. I asked a few people
their advice and I went with “Get the OEM pads.” Lifetime pads are not all they are cracked up to be.
I’m waiting now for their much anticipated arrival.

September 17, 2002 (Post #2)

September 17th, 2002
The Ditchfinder has once again at lunch lead me to Home Depot. But this time I am thinking about Cupholders! I have pondered the cupholder problem many years now. Many thoughts have come up. Where do you place them? How do you mount them? What are they to be made of? Why doesn’t Magic Shell setup when applied to human skin?The obvious answers always escape us when we need them. With this in mind I ask the infinitely wise Ditchfinder, “What do you think?” Ten minutes later and ten Land Rover cutdowns endured, he suggests mounting them to the seat. To the seat? Is he insane?

Humm, does the crazy Ditchfinder have the perfect solution? Look at your Rover. Not many places to mount a cup holder with the current design of the cockpit. The area near the shifters is the only logical place. But my leg rests there when I drive. Adjust the leg placement? No way.

As much as I hate to admit it I think he has something in this crazy thought. I purchased two 3 inch end caps for a pvc pipe. I went home and showed my wife the crazy German Superhero’s idea. She said, “…just weld it on there.” I told her if this was a Series truck that would be in the true spirit of adapting the vehicle to my needs. “No, they must be Burled Mediteranean Poplar and look great! That’s leather your sitting on don’t ya know.” I climbed down from my soap box and thought about it more. I took my lovely naive wife to Home Depot and bought one 3 foot long piece of flat iron. I shall shape it and mount the cap on it in the perfect place.

I bent the bar and experimented with the location. I think I have the perfect location. Now how to mount it? The seat position switch has two well place and reasonably accessable screws. I shall mount it there. The next day I was back at the hardware store to match the bolts used with longer ones to accomodate my iron bar. Back at the house and some more bending and drilling and there it is. Wow, That’s the perfect location. It’s not in the way of the shifters. Wow, I can still use the parking brake. Wow, the seat can move still be in all the positions.

Wow, I think I’ve got it. Hummm. That looks like crap. I told myself it is only an experiment. I will test the location for a week or so as I contemplate how I will change it to fit the interior and make it more asthetically pleasing.


September 16th, 2002 (Post 1)

September 16th, 2002

The brake wear indicator has been flickering for about 1 week. I was just under the truck a couple of months ago and didn’t remember the pads being that worn. I remembered the sensor on the rear was cut. Maybe it is shorting. So I endevoured to check it. I got out the tire jacking stuff and set it up. I used the official Range Rover lug nut remover tool to attempt to remove the lug nuts. When I last put the lug nuts back I must have had the strength of The Ditchfinder or the Titanium Hitch because they wouldn’t budge. Finally standing on the shaft they broke free. All but one. I noticed the shaft twisting as I moved around the truck removing the wheels. The final nut was quite obstinate. After I virtually straightened the Official lug nut removal tool I went to Home Depot to get a 1 1/8th inch socket and a big breakover bar. Basically $20.

Back to the wheels and this time off they came. So I have a new tool to remove my lug nuts. The brakes are worn down and the wire is not shorting. So I leave you now to order brake pads.