Route 66 News (Post #187) 7/13/2010

I just added a link to Route 66 News to the “Links and other places to waste time” section. You should definitely go over there and waste some time check out his awesome site.

I really enjoyed reading the articles and the info found there would make a dozen great trips for you and your family, loved one, pet, alone…whatever. I have always wanted to circumnavigate the original parts of Route 66 in my Land Rover. There are lots of resources out there to help you with this task, and this great site is another.

There are all kinds of links on the site.
Have you ever wondered where the wonderful characters from the 2006 Disney movie Cars came from? There is an article for that.
Do you want to camp on Route 66 and avoid the hotels? There is a list for that.
Are you wimpy like Mrs. OkieRover and want to stay in a hotel on Route 66. There is a list for that.
Do you want to own a campground or hotel on Route 66? There is a list for that too.

In any event you get the gist of it, this is a great site. The description of the site
“This is a clearinghouse of news and events along historic Route 66, the Mother Road.”
That it is, and a fun one at a that. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.