The 12 Days of Christmas Okierover Style (Post #231) 12/19/2010

6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
A friend with several 6×6 trucks.

My best friend JagGuy has been converting M35 6×6 trucks to “Bobbed Dueces”. He is amazing at seeing a huge, slow, decommissioned truck and seeing it renewed into a new toy for big boys to enjoy.

I drove 6×6 trucks in the Marine Corps. They were 5 ton trucks but for the most part they were identical except for the weight. I really enjoyed the first ride I had in it. It was great and brought back a lot of fond memories and perhaps a few not so fond. To quote or perhaps paraphrase the famous baseball player Chico Escuela, “The Marine Corps was berra, berra, berra, good to me.”

I learned a lot about driving off road. I learned there is nothing better than an M110A2 howitzer to pull a very stuck truck out of the mud. My very good friend Bear Bechtold and I were truck drivers together and managed to get our 6×6 stuck TWICE in the same day. Stuck, like buried all the way to the axles.

Trust me when I say, that truck weren’t going no where but down the more we let the wheels spin. And for the record, we were ordered to drive down there. You can tell this was a generation ago, from the old school poplin BDUs and the World War 2 style helmets we used to wear. Good times, good times.

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