The Great State of Oklahoma (Post #300) 8/24/2012

Here’s a song from Ali Harter about The Great State of Oklahoma. And when you are listening, yes, she mentions Mike Morgan’s bedazzled tie and the Gary England Drinking Game.

Songs like this make ya proud to be from the middle of the land of the free, Oklahoma.

Here’s another version that is a bit saltier.

Thanks for reading listenin’ and Happy Roverin’.

2 Replies to “The Great State of Oklahoma (Post #300) 8/24/2012”

  1. That is a great song and a good music. Back in June I posted pics of my wedding 35 years ago. In those pics were some photos of TZ Wright, who sang at my wedding and was the band at the reception. One of my Okie blog buddies recognized TZ, because he is an Okie bluegrass singer – if you like that sort of thang. It was one of those “small world” moments.

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