Things can go from bad to worse real fast (Post #408) 11/8/2013

You never really expect things to go bad. We all prepare for bad but things can go past bad and on to worse in a real hurry. As evidenced in the above video.

In the Marine Corps we never say, “At least it’s not…(insert something worse here).”
Because as soon as you say “whatever”, it’s like a prayer to the deity of suckiness.
“At least its not raining.” It begins to rain.
“At least its not snowing.” Voila, it begins to snow.
“At least the wind isn’t blowing.” Gale force wind will magically appear.
“At least they don’t have artillery.” Yep you guessed it.

Sadly, this doesn’t work in reverse. Speaking the phrase, “At least I’m not a millionaire.” Does not make you a millionaire. “At least I didn’t win the lottery.” You guessed it, no lottery victory.

I really want to know what happened next to those blokes. I guess I’ll have to find the rest of that episode and finish watching the tide roll in and drowning their Hilux trucks.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rovering.