Weekend Repairs (Post #358) 6/21/2013

Guess what I’m working on this weekend? My dear wife Mrs. OkieRover “accidentally” damaged my door handle. She was unaware of the adjustment problem with the driver’s side door and instead of asking for help, kept pulling the already damaged (by Diet Mountain Drew) door handle.

I know the “trick” to opening the door and have been limping along. This changes everything as the door is now hard to open. I ordered a used door handle off eBay and it arrived yesterday. I’ll be installing the replacement handle this weekend. At the time of this writing getting a left side door handle is very difficult.

What the sweet hell is this? I’ve noticed in the last week that the rust here on the windshield wiper shafts is amazingly bad. I have a really bad feeling about this problem. First is removing the bonnet. Maybe with it removed I’ll find the leak that is flooding the carpets. In any event I hope it is repairable.

Think good thoughts.

I also have to clean up from the latest storm. Yeah, we had a little blow of a storm that dumped an inch of rain on us on Sunday. I had planned to drive out to Newcastle on Sunday afternoon. So when I got home from church I didn’t roll up any of the windows, nor did I close the sunroof. Yeah, second time I’ve done that in a month.

The inside got pretty wet. As did I when I went out at 0330 in the morning to roll up the windows. The leather is looking pretty rough now and the windshield has water drop markings on it…on the inside! The storm was blowing in from the north and the orientation of the Range Rover directed that rain on to the dash.

What ever rain drained out brought a couple of nasty stains on the concrete under the Big White Bus. That’s nasty. So a good cleaning is in order. I may even pull the carpets and hose them off. The leather seats need quite a lot of loving care. Sadly I think they are mostly past it and I may need to investigate getting the covers replaced. That’s not going to be cheap.

Think more good thoughts…

We have an interested party for the Honda Civic. He is my son-in-law’s youngest brother. He has had his eye on the Civic since we bought it. He mentioned to me a year ago that if I were ever to sell it, he wanted it. He is coming out to test drive it tonight. This will eliminate a car from our car insurance and a car payment as well. This will make Mrs. OkieRover very happy.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.