1991 and 1993 Range Rover Classics SWBs Available (Post #249) 2/21/2011

My good friend Mike and Rogers have two Range Rovers they are trying to part with. Each of them have bad transmissions. There is a 1991 SWB (Black) and a 1993 SWB (I remember it being white). They are located in Oklahoma City.

They want just $1500 for the pair. Yes THE PAIR! Engines are good and were running right up to the point where the transmissions quit.

Each of these guys are Jaguar men and Mike builds Bobbed M35’s on the side. They have these Range Rovers and are not willing to put in the time or effort to keep them on the street. Each of them were formerly vehicles their adult kids drove. Neither are in the position to dump the money in to keep these Classics on the road.

If you are interested, send him an email at mike w at crtonline dot com.

I am working on getting pictures.