2013, The Year in Review (Post #425) 12/26/2013

I compiled the most visited posts into this review for you. All of these posts broke the 100 views mark. By total coincidence there were 10. How nice a ready made Top 10 List.

I’m sure you all have read EVERY ONE of these posts, but in case you missed anything, these are the biggie’s for 2013. Enjoy…

Fuel Pump Replacement
Published 4/4/13
The fuel pump problems experienced by Range Rover Classic owners fill hundreds of posts on dozens of Land Rover message boards. It’s no wonder this is my number one most viewed post this year.

Falconworks brings us some good news about ABS Pumps!
Published 6/13/13
The second most popular post is the second most common failure (in my opinion) on the Range Rover Classic. Falconworks offers us an option for repair of the now nearly non-existent Wabco pumps. I got a nice email from one of the owners about this post.

The Great Google Donkey Controversy
Published 1/18/13
I had forgotten about this post. It hit the blogosphere when it was revealed that a Google Streetview Truck may have struck a donkey on a remote road in Africa. This post was a full service post. I made an animated image for proof and we got to learn a lot about donkeys.

“Okay, let’s review. Two donkey facts. One Land Rover Defender. One family pet. One best friend. That’s a full post if I do say so myself.”

Ignition Coil Strikes Again
Published 3/18/13
This post was about the second time in thirteen years of ownership that my Range Rover Classic left me beside the road. More specifically in the parking lot of the Newcastle, Oklahoma post office. Right behind fuel pumps, and ABS systems, Range Rover Classics ignition problems are fun to diagnose legendary completely frustrating.

Radiator Repair Part Duex or is it Troi
Published 10/6/13
If you can’t cool it, you can’t drive it. Third time’s a charm.

Grandchildren, The Definitive Post
Published 1/31/13
Grand kids! This one was straight up ranked due to the Facebook connection. People love to look at pictures of my grand kids. I can’t blame them, they are so cute. Cute enough to make it into the One Million Facebook Friends Land Rover advertisement.

Raquel Welch in a Land Rover
Published 1/24/13
Raquel Welch. Need I say more?

Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed
Published 5/9/13
I’m not sure why this post was so popular. Short of buying stuff for my G.I. Joe’s when I was a kid, outfitting an off-road vehicle is a close second, when it comes to buying toys.

Victory Beer
Published 6/8/13
Wiring loom problems are a nightmare. Of all the problems on automobiles to work on, I hate electrical the most. You must also hate it as much as I do. I referenced this post on several message boards and that is why this was in the top posts this year.

Honey Springs 150th Anniversary, Veteran’s Day Weekend – Part 1
Published 11/11/13
Living History, Land Rovers, Patriotism, and missing our friends when they pass away. Part one of a four part post.

These were the most commented on posts from 2013.

Falconworks brings us some good news about ABS Pumps!
Published 6/13/13
The comments on this post were not helpful tips buy mostly good natured teasing by the Evil German Dude.
If the Range Rover Classic with ABS has a critical weakness it might well be the ABS pump.

Red Dirt Rovers
Published 6/20/13
Again, mostly good natured teasing by the Evil German Dude.
I’m looking forward to getting this club off the ground in the coming year.

Prolific Posting

I put up 120 posts this year. That’s a little under one every three days. Not bad, if I say so myself.

The top ten posts of all time have not changed too much. I’m Google’s number two image search for “cool vehicle wraps“.

It’s been a good year for OkieRover.com. As always, thank you for visiting the site, it’s free and still ad free.
Thanks for reading, and Happy Rovering in the coming year.