A Great Email from the Land of the Kiwi’s (Post #345) 5/29/2013

I love getting a great email like this one.

Henry’s Classic, I love that color.

Dear Eric,
I’ve wandered around on your web pages in the past and have read a few of your tech tips and marveled at the bravery a non-mechanic can show when needs must! I’m a 40 year Railway man two trade certificates and I won’t work on my own Range Rover. Too complex or I’m too chicken, luckily for me I have a RR mechanic friend who is mostly happy to do my work on the BGP (big green pig) for me. Just now he’s trying to make the heater fan work on all speeds, nothing or hurricane, was the choice before. I’ve visited your site and got the details to order from Atlantic British a new resistor unit. They’re a bit hard to get down here on the bottom of the world.

As an occasional visitor to your Okie World I’m also happy that you and yours are safe after the tornadoes. We know a little of wind here in Wellington, the place is possibly the windiest city in the world but we don’t get anything close to your tornadoes!

The “It’s a Rover Thing” really does say it well, they really are a “madness” and once you’re infected you never really get over them. I’ve had a few series 2 and 3 and an old two door RR and thought I was over the rover phase but after getting my Nissan ute stuck on the rifle range a couple of times I found the excuse I needed for another “Pommie farm truck” we never learn do we?

Regards Henry

Thanks for the kind words Henry. I’m glad to help any time I can.

Speaking of wind…
Chicago, Illinois is called “The Windy City” their average wind speed is 10.3 mph.
Oklahoma City is windy with an average of 12.2. Boston is still windier (12.3).
Wellington is indeed very windy with an average of 18 mph.
It’s hard to miss the wind in Oklahoma. Beaver (out in the panhandle) had gusts to 64 mph yesterday. Norman had 37 mph in the past 24 hours.
But Mount Washington, New Hampshire has us all smoked with 35.1 mph for an average.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.