A New Hula for the Dash (Post #361) 6/25/2013

My best pal was thinking of me when he recently went to Disney World. He had been reading my blog and recognized that a hula girl has not graced the dash (OkieRover) in many a year. He went in to the Ron Jon shop and got me a new hula girl for the Range Rover.

I’ll never be alone in the Range Rover again. This kind of thing and driving all the way to Houston to help me empty my deceased mothers apartment  are why you have your very own Label on this blog. Thank you Mr. Fisher, you sir are awesome.

On another note, the repairs this weekend went pretty well. I got the new door handle on. The door works perfectly. I’m pretty excited about that. Unfortunately, by 1530 I was having a raging allergy attack that negated swimming, moon watching, and completing the staining of picnic table/package shelf for the Range Rover’s boot. Grass and Chenopods, what ever the hell those are, are suspect. Perhaps I should not cut the grass on days I expect to work on the Range Rover. Live and learn.

I am still concerned about the lack of availability of replacement parts, specifically door handles. I’ll have to check more frequently with the Pull-A-Part for Range Rover Classics.

Thanks for reading, Happy Rovering, and welcome to summer.