Another Sunday Down (Post #170) 3/1/2010

Another weekend has passed me and I was unable to work on the Range Rover. The weather was nice, not perfect but compared to the on again off again snow we have had this year it was nice.

My weekend was filled with family obligations and a the loss of two our our friend’s parents. My friends lost their mom on February 18th. We attended her remembrance this weekend. These friends have been closer to me than family for most of my life. I’ve known them in one capacity or another since 1971. Their mother was always like a mom to me and I will miss her very much.

As we returned from her remembrance, our answering machine had a call from my wife’s friend who’s mother passed away that night. This was the mother of my wife’s closest friend in high school and will be a great loss to us all.

If you still have a mom, give her a call. You never know how many more times you will get to do that.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.