Articles From Around the Internet (Post #376) 8/12/2013

Whilst doing some random browsing I found a few articles around the internet.
The first and second are from Jalopnik writer Doug DeMuro who quit his job at Porsche to be a writer.
The articles are about his brief ownership of a 1995 Range Rover Classic. He had the car 3 months. He is not a mechanic. The Range Rover violated his 3 tow policy and he had to part with it. The first two are not tow-able offences. Drained battery and a piece of misplaced plastic. To fix the auto locks is a challenge. I have mine currently disabled because of the “bouncing” lock problem. Unlocking the Range Rover with a key reminds me of EVERY CAR I owned prior to a Range Rover. The Range Rover is the first car Mrs. OkieRover and I owned that had a central locking feature.

Read and enjoy. Doug is a pretty creative writer.

The third is about finding a Range Rover in a junk yard on The “Truth About Cars” website.
My first observation is…where is this sucker? I can see about 8 things I’d pull off it immediately. IF we had a junk yard with Range Rovers sitting in it in central Oklahoma, I can assure you they would look more picked over than this one is.

These articles cast a mostly negative light on my beloved Range Rovers. But part of owning one is working and playing with it. If you don’t want to work on your car buy a Toyota or Nissan or Honda. But when your soul is gone because you drive a boring car such as these…don’t come back to me crying.

We need some lovely pictures to take the taste of those articles out of our mouth. Check out this post I found on the Central Overland website. It’s a very pretty and short (5 minutes) video of a few fellows who took a Defender through the South American continent.
Enjoy…I did.

In South America – 2012 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.