Busted Tools (Post #207) 10/11/2010

I have already blogged about tools that are being sacrificed for this project. The viscous coupling has claimed three more. All were extensions for my 3/8th inch socket set.

Each was used as designed for the most part. I used long extension as a lever several times during this project. I had no idea it was made of such soft material. These were supposed to be for an impact wrench. I would have believed this made them “stronger” than a regular extension.

In any event it died. I may keep it around as beefy piece of metal in which I can used to pry or bang on. All three of the extensions I bought are now dead. The others demonstrated a softness that I did not expect. The shortest extension had the same fate as the middle extension. The ends twisted off.

To finish the project I borrowed an extension from my biker neighbor Kramer. It worked superbly. So now I am on the hunt for a new set of extensions.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.