S.C.A.R.R! (Post #455) 2/26/2014

I registered this morning for the yearly South Central Area Rover Rally, aka SCARR. I’ve been meaning to attend this event for the last three years. But as things are, something always comes up, vehicle problems, family problems, failing to plan. What’s that old saying?


Well that stings a bit, but it’s accurate. So this year I sorted out the weekend, announced I was going, got funding to go, invited a friend to go with me, in short, I made plans to go.  Continue reading “S.C.A.R.R! (Post #455) 2/26/2014”

Switching to WordPress (Post #438) 1/27/2014

Making some changes.

Bare with me as I move my site to WordPress. Blogger won’t allow me to advertise and I’ve asked nicely twice. So, I’m out. I’ve moved everything over and am in the process of getting everything set up.

Update: I think I have everything all setup. I’d love to hear from you about the new layout.

Thanks for your patience and Happy Rovering.

404’d (Post #422) 12/20/2013

I decided to update the 404 page for OkieRover.com. If you do know the term the 404 page is the page from a website that tells you there was an error with your request in their domain. Mine was set to a cute page that GoDaddy provides for free.

So with that in mind I thought I’d create a 404 page along the same lines.

As funny as that is I thought it needed…something else. So with that I created this.


Click for the link to the 404 page I hope you never actually get to see.
If you Google “clever 404 pages” you’ll see some fun pages.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

Oh dear Lord, I’ve bungled a post (Post #391) 9/17/2013

My dear friend JagGuy has awoken from his birthday feast and subsequent hang-over and was apparently looking at my blog posts. He ran across my post “Rolls Royce Anyone“. He has correctly identified the car as a “Daimler Limo which is built from a Jaguar 420“. This was the title of the email….

Unforgivable Error on OkiRover.com Blog!!!

You can imagine I am now blushing with embarrassment.

1963 Jaguar 420

The rest of the email is a quaint love story with a sad ending.

I sold the one I had, Jaguar 420 that is, this spring. Mine was beautiful on the outside but, because of all the rust in the floors, would have folded in half if you opened all the doors at once!


Isn’t that the fear of everyone who drives a British car?!?! Especially Land Rover Series models?! Due to this being an “Unforgiveable” error, I must apologize to all three (its a guess) of my readers who own Jaguars. I am deeply ashamed at my utter lack of knowledge of limousines from across the pond. I don’t believe I’ve ever ridden in a limousine of any kind. If I did, I was too intoxicated to remember it.

I will follow up with my own response.

Dear JagGuy,
Seriously “OkiRover.com“?  I only FREELOADED my website on your servers for some odd 6 or 7 years, and you can’t even spell it correctly? I remember your 420 and it well may be my second favorite of your Jaguar collection.

I am still enamored with your silver XJ6. Besides the ridiculously expensive modern Jaguars that I find very attractive, the 1980s model XJ6’s are affordable to me and still very, very sexy.

Thank you for the correction, thank you for reading Okierover.com.

Your friend,


P.S. Hurry up and get the M54A2 5 ton camper project finished.

I fully expect your camper to have the following modifications and capabilities. It only seems logical…you are, after all, the infamous JagGuy, owner of XM381.com.

Comfortable living quarters….

Direct, line of sight security…(hint, talk to Paul) .50 cal is fine, I prefer the grenade launcher…

And this quaint option so we can going fishing, I know you’ll figure out how to make it all happen….

Thanks for reading, thanks for correcting me, and Happy Rovering.

Blog Update (Post #390) 9/16/2013

I added a few menu items above. These redirect to the Okierover.com website, that incidentally badly needs an update. You can still reach Okierover.com the traditional way. I thought about redirecting okierover.com to this blog site. But I didn’t for now. Once I sort out how I am going to upgrade the complete web presence of Okierover you will then see some changes.

If anyone out there is a website designer and would perhaps be willing to take us on as a client, I’d love to hear how you would update the site. Send me an email.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.