New Links and Plasma Cutting (Post #192) 8/10/2010

I found a couple of new links for you to check out. The first and the one I am most excited about is The Last Great Road Trip. This site is great. I believe it is a model that I will be looking into for my future website redesign. It combines the posts for repairs with the trips and adventures in just the very way I would like my site to do. More on this later.

Ryan Mishler’s Regional eXploration is another great site. I haven’t spent much quality time on it yet but the pictures and content so far are great. Check it out.

Well that should suffice you until I can get the next post from my restoration formed and up on the site. Painted floor boardsĀ  FTW (for the win). I have the driver’s side done and have once again consulted the amazing JagGuy for his opinion on the floor boards on the passenger side. PLASMA CUTTER, he says. I asked if the plasma cutter would be too much for some of the sections and his classic response, “It won’t penetrate all that much. What’s under there?” My reply of, “Frame and perhaps fuel lines.” Gave him a few seconds to retort, “Ahhh it’ll be alright.”

And so with that, perhaps we’ll be cutting these at his shop as soon as I can get the rear done and make the Range Rover drivable again.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

April 13th, 2007 (Post #75)

April 13th, 2007

Land Rover Lifestyle.
Reading the Land Rover Lifestyle magazine this week I noticed the What’s Your Lifestyle? sections. It tells about Landy owners and their Land Rovers and how they use those Land Rovers. Last Saturday I used my Land Rover to get me to the Fort Washita Fur Trade Rendezvous. Which is the extent of my lifestyle. I have been stuck at events and after the last time I purchased a Land Rover to prevent this from every happening again. In those years I haven’t even need a Land Rover at an event. I’ve not even gotten close to getting stuck. How disappointing.

Last night I completed the installation of the brake hoses on the Range Rover Classic. I now have to bleed the system and make sure I don’t have any leaks. RovErica is getting very close to taking her test. So this weekend I hope to have the Rangie driving so we can test the brakes.

Rear Upper Tailgate.
I called Rovers North North to order the aluminum tailgate. With the aluminum tailgate you need to deconstruct the existing gate and then fit all the bits on the new frame. The salesman talked me out of this in just 3 short minutes. With the following logic, I bought another OEM tailgate. Time. Basically he explained that it was a 6 hour project and a major pain. If you have any parts that are not quite right you will have to work out those troubles before you install them on to the new frame. Well my latches don’t work as nicely as they probably did when the Rangie was brand new. Also my rear defogger only works on upper half of the window. If I understand this correctly all I have to do is bolt on the new window and frame when it arrives before next week. I hope he is right.

Fort Washita Adventure.
I wrote up a new adventure. It was driving my Landy down to Fort Washita. I got a great
picture of the Discovery in front of the barracks at dawn. I also had to ford a creek when I was trying to get around the stalled train at the edge of Madill, Oklahoma. Man I thought that thing was never going to move.

I Hate Mud Forum.
I’ve been exploring my options for getting the family out to do some Rovering. There are several
schools of thought on this. Roof Tents. Trailer mounted roof tents. Ground camping. RV style camping. So many decisions so little money… I can’t decide if I want a military style trailer with gear or just get a pop up camper and give a lift and some skid plates and camp in relative style. You can get an older pop up for less than a thousand dollars. You would then of course have to refurbish or remodel it. I’m sure I want the pop up to be a smaller model. But then again, I want the military style expedition trailer. There are several models to choose from several manufacturers. But those start in the $3500(US) and go up from there. Meaning one tricked out the way you would want it could cost you 7000 bucks! Then again for less than that I’m sure I could build my Discovery camper from an old Discovery body. Once again too many decisions to
make and not enough money to pursue each one. With all that in mind I found the I Hate Mud Forum. It’s a haven for the Toyota crowd but their Trailer Tech forum can’t be beat. And they are a bunch of friendly folks too.

Check out their site if you have a chance.

December 27th, 2006 (Post #68)

December 27th, 2006

My first grand-baby is coming tomorrow. I am totally excited about it too. Cadence Marie. I will update later with the details.

Restoring the Rangie. Got a butt-load of parts in yesterday. Gotta sort through and see what all I have and order the brake caliper refurbish kits. And get started on that as soon as I can. Then it will probably be paint and rust removal time.

Disco Headlamps
Replaced the head lamps in the Discovery last night. I’d blown one last week. And I was wondering if I needed to have my eyes checked as it was getting darker at night when I drove. My wife told me I had a headlight out so that was a relief on the eyesight bit. Changing the headlamp was dreadfully simple. You have to remove the grill to get to some of the access screws. But it was very easy. Instructions were in the on-board manual. And after glancing at them it was evident that this was child’s play.

I can’t remember the last time I replaced a headlight on one of my cars. It’s been a really long time. I replaced the lamps with Sylvania H7 lamps from Atlantic British.

I intended to buy the IPF bulbs but Atlantic British had discontinued them. I was placing a large order and didn’t want to research where to buy them so I just switched to the Sylvanias. I drove a bit last night with them and they look good.

The real test is how they look when it’s raining.

Been interested in a thread on the DiscoWeb forum.
Camp Kitchens
I’ve been thinking about a trailer for the camping and this has lots of ideas in it. I also read on a forum about getting a military trailer instead of making one from scratch. Also lots to consider there. For now I think I’m going to consider the military trailer first. There are a few on eBay every week. Affordable considering the time involved setting up to build a trailer. With a restore project in the garage it is not really feasible to build a trailer.

Driveway replaced.
The builder finally came by last week and replaced the concrete on the driveway. It was poured with too much water and crumbled under the ice and snow. I am very happy about this now as I can get on the driveway and look under the Rovers without digging concrete out of my back afterwards.

December 6th, 2006 (Post #67)

December 6th, 2006

I had no idea how many pages I would need after I got this redesign started. There are several pages waiting for me to start and I will get to them in good time. I need to figure out the button graphics. I wish I had a couple ounces of graphics talent. I may sick RovErica on the task. She is very artistically inclined.

Restoring the Rangie. I will start ordering parts as soon as Christmas is done. I’m going to start with the brakes so I can get her back on the road. The painting will need to be done in North Oklahoma City at my buddy’s paint booth. I’ve noticed a nasty contrast between the front doors and the back half. The front is shiney and the back is badly oxidized. I’m not sure if I’ll paint the whole truck at this point or just the rusty bits.

I’m trying to decide which Rover to at the modifications to. The 93 Rangie is the obvious choice. But as it will be RovErica’s daily driver I can’t very well take it for the weekend. But as the Disco is MY daily driver I don’t want to add too many heavy mods. I need to build a bumper for the Disco after the wreck. But I’m sure with a little creativity I could do that in the shop. I saw how
Disco Mike set his up. He was kind enough to forward me some pics of his bumper build. Layed out like he did it I think I could do that for sure. I’ll just need to wander down to the steel yard and pick up some metal.

I “pimped” the my MySpace page this week. I find the hidden tricks difficult to understand. But copying off some of the other pages I’m able to find stuff I like. And using the copy and paste feature I can customize it to fit my needs. Check it out at
I think it looks good. I wonder how much longer this MySpace craze will last?

September 8th, 2004 ( (Post #51)

The Tire Rack has good prices but I’ll have
to have them mounted locally. Lots of comparison charts and good information there. I wanted
to put the Michelins back on this time but the price is way too expensive. Right now it looks like the Bridgestone Dueler tire is the winner.

My mother has been sick so I haven’t had time to futz with the center console. This weekend looks good but at this rate I’ll won’t know until it gets here. My wife and I have been so busy with the kids and my mom. She jokingly said, “I’ll see you on Friday.” Wish it was a fun kinda busy instead of a teadious grind kind of busy.

Happy Rovering, watch what you eat and get some exercise.