New Links and Plasma Cutting (Post #192) 8/10/2010

I found a couple of new links for you to check out. The first and the one I am most excited about is The Last Great Road Trip. This site is great. I believe it is a model that I will be looking into for my future website redesign. It combines the posts for repairs with the trips and adventures in just the very way I would like my site to do. More on this later.

Ryan Mishler’s Regional eXploration is another great site. I haven’t spent much quality time on it yet but the pictures and content so far are great. Check it out.

Well that should suffice you until I can get the next post from my restoration formed and up on the site. Painted floor boardsĀ  FTW (for the win). I have the driver’s side done and have once again consulted the amazing JagGuy for his opinion on the floor boards on the passenger side. PLASMA CUTTER, he says. I asked if the plasma cutter would be too much for some of the sections and his classic response, “It won’t penetrate all that much. What’s under there?” My reply of, “Frame and perhaps fuel lines.” Gave him a few seconds to retort, “Ahhh it’ll be alright.”

And so with that, perhaps we’ll be cutting these at his shop as soon as I can get the rear done and make the Range Rover drivable again.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.