December 27th, 2006 (Post #68)

December 27th, 2006

My first grand-baby is coming tomorrow. I am totally excited about it too. Cadence Marie. I will update later with the details.

Restoring the Rangie. Got a butt-load of parts in yesterday. Gotta sort through and see what all I have and order the brake caliper refurbish kits. And get started on that as soon as I can. Then it will probably be paint and rust removal time.

Disco Headlamps
Replaced the head lamps in the Discovery last night. I’d blown one last week. And I was wondering if I needed to have my eyes checked as it was getting darker at night when I drove. My wife told me I had a headlight out so that was a relief on the eyesight bit. Changing the headlamp was dreadfully simple. You have to remove the grill to get to some of the access screws. But it was very easy. Instructions were in the on-board manual. And after glancing at them it was evident that this was child’s play.

I can’t remember the last time I replaced a headlight on one of my cars. It’s been a really long time. I replaced the lamps with Sylvania H7 lamps from Atlantic British.

I intended to buy the IPF bulbs but Atlantic British had discontinued them. I was placing a large order and didn’t want to research where to buy them so I just switched to the Sylvanias. I drove a bit last night with them and they look good.

The real test is how they look when it’s raining.

Been interested in a thread on the DiscoWeb forum.
Camp Kitchens
I’ve been thinking about a trailer for the camping and this has lots of ideas in it. I also read on a forum about getting a military trailer instead of making one from scratch. Also lots to consider there. For now I think I’m going to consider the military trailer first. There are a few on eBay every week. Affordable considering the time involved setting up to build a trailer. With a restore project in the garage it is not really feasible to build a trailer.

Driveway replaced.
The builder finally came by last week and replaced the concrete on the driveway. It was poured with too much water and crumbled under the ice and snow. I am very happy about this now as I can get on the driveway and look under the Rovers without digging concrete out of my back afterwards.