February 18th, 2004 (Post #42)

February 18th, 2004

Tie Rod Ends Replaced
I spent my President’s Day holiday working on my Rover. Specifically I replaced the badly worn
tie rod ends. It was an adventure in difficult. The badly corroded ends were very difficult to
remove. I broke a tool and had to build a brace out of a 2×6 to complete the job.

I still have the power steering leak to find, the new rear view mirror to install, and the door locks
bouncing is due to a problem with the driver’s side actuator. These are not critical repairs as so far as I can continue to add steering fluid and the others I have learned to work around for now.

I did learn that Hibdon’s Tire Plus will not align my Rover. At least the one in Norman, anyway.
I had to employ the knowledgebase of JagGuy to find a shop that would so as to avoid the local
dealer at all costs. Kennedy Tire and Auto Repair took care of the alignment. They were nice to deal with and everyone was very friendly.

You can read about the Tie Rod adventure in my latest installment “The one where I fix the Tie Rod Ends”.

Now maybe I can get back on the Cup Holder project this Spring.