February 18th, 2005 (Post #58)

February 18th, 2005
Recovery hooks on, trailer wiring problems, relays buzzing, water found, relocated power steering reservior, prep for second battery

I have the recovery hooks on. I have a page for them on the Tech Tips page. The bolts I first
bought were very ambitious. I got carried away with the bolt diameter. I pulled the air dam off again.

I wired the trailer lights with the matching wire colors. I have some issues to resolve with that. I will have to experiment with the harness to find out if it is even working properly. Otherwise I will by pass it and try to wire to the 7 pin plug.

The relays buzzing under the dash on the passenger side are annoying me. I pulled the relay for the air condition fans. There has to be a wiring problem with them. I bet I will need to rewire the whole thing. There is another relay under there that is buzzing. I have not isolated which one.

The water that soaks the carpet on the passenger side is coming down the wall in the foot well. As I suspected a leak in the windshield seal. More about this later.

I purchased a Disco power steering bracket to move the reservoir for the second battery. I had to move all the things on the fender to make room for the second battery.
Check it out on the Tech Tips page.