February 5th, 2007 (Post #70)

February 5th, 2007

Restoring the Rangie.
Took the brake lines off this weekend. I took the hoses down to Hoseco in south Oklahoma City.
JagGuy recommended them and so I took the old hoses down there to get the new hoses made. I had them put an extra 3 inches on the hose to allow for a lift kit if I choose to go that route in the future.

I also cleaned up the brake calipers for the paint job. I really wanted to paint the calipers or have them nice and shiny clean. Well after cleaning on them they cannot be cleaned back to shiney. So I am going to paint them. The fact that brake fluid will strip an and all paint off made that a challenge. So JagGuy suggested that I use self etching primer. It will be gray. I bought Mar-Hyde Self Etching Primer. I bought it at O’Reilly’s Auto Store. I can live with gray considering after a few months I’ll be surprised if I can tell I ever painted it.

I am dreading the swivel seal replacements. I really didn’t enjoy those jobs the first time. This time I get the added fun of it being cold in the garage while I do it.

I’m running out of weekends to get projects done. I still have to do the painting and I also have to get the drive shaft on the Discovery replaced and do all that drive line stuff. I need the lift to make that an easy job. And it right now has an Isuzu Trooper on it. I just need to schedule a day and get it down there. I’d like to have that done before I drive to Houston to take care of some family business.