Happy Thanksgiving (Post #118) 11/27/2008

My sister-in-law’s husband, John, is a very funny guy. In a Facebook chat with another friend of mine, Mike, John lays Thanksgiving out for everyone in the comments on Mike’s “status”.

Michael Segroves is thankful the power came back on so I can cook my turkey, because it would have been a Thanksgiving disaster if I was in jail for assaulting an OG&E worker.
about an hour ago

Brian Shea at 7:29am November 27
I bet you can still pull both of those off though.

Michael Segroves at 7:38am November 27
It’s early, and I got family coming over. We could have another Famous Segroves Thanksgiving Meltdown

John Helton at 8:00am November 27
Helton’s definition of Thanksgiving.

A time for the functional side of the family to acknowledge that there is a dysfunctional side and they will show up to crash Turkey Day.

Helton’s definition of awakening

You wake up one morning and realize you are Cousin Eddie.

Have a great Thanksgiving Mike, I will be in Edmond at 10 to pick up my niece from Oklahoma Christian. Do you mind if Cousin Eddie drops by for brunch?

Michael Segroves at 8:03am November 27
Of course you can come by

John Helton at 8:37am November 27
Maybe another day, we have to be at Eric and Janie’s at 4 and we still have stuff to cook.

Truer words were never spoken. Here’s to all of my readers this Thanksgiving day.

Here’s to each of you on the functional side. Thank you for working so hard to keep the world as close the Eisenhower 1956 ideal of the family holiday. It’s damn hard work.

And here’s to each of you on the dysfunctional side. Thank you for traveling all those miles to reconfirm to the functional side that the Fifties are over and it’s okay to be different.

Happy Thanksgiving.