January 23rd, 2003 (Post #19)

January 23, 2003
It is bitter cold outside. For all of you from other parts of the world that means it is in the teens outside with a wind chill in the minus ranges. I’m sure Rob can tell us of cold weatherup North near Canada. This is the cold that you all know and love. You all know it because nothing fails on your Rover until it gets this cold outside. The power steering pump is failing, I know it’s days are numbered. The fluid leak has exaserbated the problem and I will likely need to replace it. I am now angry that I squandered the 60 degree temperatures of last weekend with house silliness instead of Rover silliness. If the weather guys are correct we should warm up next week. I will be doing auto repair if I know what’s good for me.

Add to the list below….

  • Exhaust.
  • The exhaust is in bad shape. I forgot to include this on the list with the rest last week.

  • Rusty Tailgate.
  • Everyone I know has this problem. I need to find that rust stopping goo. If anyone knows what it is called email me so I can get some.