July 7th, 2007 (Post #77) Hehehe 77th post on 7/7/07

Helping out a fellow Rover driver
Bo Pham recently sent out an email to some of the OK Rovers members about his pending brake project. He has 1997 Disco I he bought from Paul in Tulsa. It is lifted and has big tires on it. And Bo loves to offroad in it. He decided to upgrade the brakes. So I thought I could help him out.

I went over on a Saturday. I met his daughters and proceeded to start on the project. I tried to think of all the wacky tools you might need for this project. I didn’t think hard enough I guess as I didn’t have my “C” clip removal tool. Also he forgot to buy grease to repack the bearings. So before we got too far I ran to the O’Reilly’s and got some supplies.

We started the tear down and to my surprise it is exactly like my 1993 Range Rover. I showed him some tips about the rebuild. He took pictures and we got busy.

His grease was badly fouled and it reminded me that if you offroad in the water you should plan on repacking your bearings and draining your swivel oil and refreshing it. Bo had lots of sand on everything. I recommended he swap out the fluids in there to prevent premature wear from fluids that failed.

I couldn’t figure out the disc removal. And I ran out of time to assist. We had only got one wheel started. He continued on after I left with the help of Melissa and her boy friend. He managed to get the discs off and it all swapped out.

Bo owns the Cafe Bella Bistro on South Pennsylvania Avenue at the intersection of SW 89th street. He will be getting us together in the future at his bistro for some Rover related meetings in the near future.

Thanks for letting me help. I had a good time.