Noises from underneath (Post #82) 8/17/2007

Well crap!
I swapped the drive shaft and the roto-flex on the Discovery. And driving it out of the lot I’m hearing a sound like I’m dragging a wrench under the truck. Seriously, that’s what it sounds like. What on earth is that?
I didn’t have much luck on the LRO message board with anyone experiencing this sound before. I’ll try to get a recording of the sound just for documentation’s sake.

So this week I’ve heard sounds from under there that sound like everything from a bad CV joint to a failing U-joint. There is only one U-joint still under there that is original. I bought the replacement from NAPA and will put in on tomorrow (Saturday). I’m going to have to hope until then that the noise is that last U-joint.

On a side note, if you are doing this job, you have to think the reason for this project is to replace the UN-serviceable parts with serviceable ones. But while your at it why not just replace the additional U-joint and make it a total refurb? With that in mind, why don’t the companies that offer kits to do this job offer all the parts to do a COMPLETE job? I’m not sure if I got shorted but the kit only had half the crown nuts one would expect on a job like this. With the rule, “You never reuse a crown nut.” you will have to do an additional trip to the hardware store to complete the job.