Driveshaft Tech Tip Completed (Post #83) 8/17/2007

I just uploaded the Discovery Driveshaft Tech Tip write-up. Just navigate over to the site and click on Tech Tips and look at the bottom.
I’ll add some more when I finish the U-joint replacement and put an addendum on the link.
Wish me luck.

4 Replies to “Driveshaft Tech Tip Completed (Post #83) 8/17/2007”

  1. great write up. still am wondering if i can do this by myself, as i dont have a friend with a garage, so i can only do this “lying on the grass”.

  2. where did you get the actual spares, if you could, please? i notice on photoes the rear shaft has servicable u-shafts?

    1. I ordered them from Atlantic British. However, any reputable drive train shop could upgrade your existing shaft for you. Making a drive shaft is common place in the hot rod circles. So getting a new serviceable drive shaft made should not be too much trouble.

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