November 1st, 2002 (Post #9)

November 1, 2002
I am still hoping to see the sun soon. The “bouncing lock” problem is still there. I can lock the truck with the key and then activate the alarm, no problem. But if I hit the key fob the locks lock and then unlock.
I was reading on All Data Do It Yourself about the door locks and how they work. I have learned two things since I purchased this Land Rover. Mayotte‘s chief export is ylang-ylang, and Land Rover’s have notoriously poor ground connections. So in reading when I come across a reference to “ground” it’s a safe bet that is your problem. You should fix that first. If it doesn’t fix the problem, it’s probably a component at that point. So how to fix the ground? I have not identified the location of all the components of the locking system. So until I do I am probably on the two step procedure to lock my truck.

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