Oklahoma Blizzard (Post #243) 2/3/2011

In case you just woke up from a Rip Van Winkle style slumber the central states got smacked by a blizzard. A real deal, Snowpocalypse style, weathermen telling you we are all gonna die, go to the grocery store and buy everything even though you don’t need it, shut down highways and schools, blizzard.
It was pretty bad. Far worse than that has been the single digit temperatures. I think we got all the way up to 17 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. The lowest temp I’ve seen was 5.3F for my neighborhood. That was the reading on the cheap car thermometer I bought last summer for my Range Rover. It now has an impressive 112.5F for it’s high and 5.3F for it’s low temperature. Such is life in Oklahoma.
Check out this pretty cool time (2:00 minutes) lapse video from three cameras. Considering this kind of weather event has only happened about a half dozen times since 1970, you can see how it shut down the state. 
I remember some notable ones. 1973 Blizzard, 1974 Blizzard, Ice Storm of 1987, Christmas Eve Blizzard 2009 and this week. I’m sure a more astute weather historian could fill in the blanks for us, but those are the biggies I remember.