Operational Pause (Post #577) 3/22/2018

I’m not dead.
I haven’t posted in a while mostly because I’ve been working on the new house. I haven’t planned any trips for this Spring either. This is also due to the house remodel but also the uncertainty surrounding my ignition module issues of late.

I’ve run the BWB and taken a few short trips in her. I replaced the alternator as a preventative measure. This is part of the thought that the alternator may be failing and cause an over voltage or spikes that cause damage to the ignition module.

As the remodel budget shrinks, summer will be upon us. And as you know, camping in 90-100Ā°F heat is not terribly fun. Perhaps that is an excuse to travel to higher altitudes like New Mexico and Colorado.

Who knows?

Thanks for reading an happy Rovering.