No Oil Change for Jooooooo!!! (Post #92) 6/6/2008

On the way home Saturday night I passed a Discovery 1 on the side of the I-35 in Moore. I wanted to zip back and check it out see it I could help but I had to get my son to his engagement for the evening. My very understanding wife allowed me to zip back up the interstate and see if he was still there. He was, and I stopped and asked if I could help him out. He was from Texas and as his window stickers told me it was south Texas.

As I got there the wrecker he had called through his AAA membership was just finishing getting him up on wheels. He told me it over heated, as you know is common for Land Rovers. I didn’t argue with him. He asked me, “who does the work on your Rover,”
“Well, I do.” I confidently told him.
So I asked if I could give him a ride somewhere and when he declined I was off. About 4 miles down the road I figured out what he had just asked me. He wanted to know a shop in the area he could get his Rover confidently worked on. So in my pride and arrogance I missed an opportunity to direct him to Charlie Blankenship at Sports and Classics just 10 miles down the highway. Who knows where that wrecker took him for repairs.

So with that, whoever you are out there I hope you got back on the road and I apologize for misinterpreting your question and in doing so failed to offer you the help you needed.

Sunday, I settled in to the garage today for some easy time after my son’s basketball tournament. They won one, lost two. Not bad for a team whose first goal is everyone getting each player the same amount of playing time. He had a good weekend considering the rust he has built up due to his lack of playing time for the past year and some change.

So I set in to change the oil in the Discovery. I got the bonnet open, got the oil wrench out, I retrieved the oil drain pan and donned my rubber gloves. Then I discovered I didn’t have enough 20w50 to do the change and I didn’t have an oil filter on hand. That was disappointing. So I sat and debated about going to the store and picking up some oil and a filter and decided….I’d rather drink beer. So I had a few brews and a cigar and managed to get myself quite toasted.

So the oil change that wasn’t to be will have to be on another weekend. I did manage to cut out some air filter material and replace the air vents under the hood while I listened to KGOU and my friend’s Blues radio show. Hard Luck Jim does a great job mixing up (we used to call it spinning) a superb blues show every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Well, thats all for now, thanks for reading and happy rovering.