Pandora and more Land Rovers (Post #97) 6/25/2008

Grabbed another screen shot of the adverts on Pandora.

I thought it would be fun to click the link and to ask Land Rover if they would bring us diesel Defenders.

I wrote:
Please give us a diesel Defender in the US. Pretty please…with sugar on top. It’s what the off-road enthusiasts want, not these over priced road machines.

Their response:
Dear OkieRover,

Thank you for contacting the Land Rover Customer Relationship Center.

Land Rover does not have any plans to re-introduce the Defender into the United States. This model requires several design and performance changes in order to be compliant with strict U.S. safety and emissions standards.

We appreciate your enthusiasm regarding this vehicle. I will forward your comments to Product Development. The last year the Defender was offered in the U.S. was 1997.

Have a nice day.


Adam Soto
Land Rover North America

If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-637-6837, option 9, or by e-mail.

Oh I assure you I have more questions.
Like, what the hell are you people thinking?
And don’t you understand who you are dealing with?
Of course someone with passion for a specific model would know when it was and wasn’t available in the US.

It’s all about the disconnect boys and girls.