Post 400 (Post #380) 8/19/2013

Four hundred posts? Wow, I can’t believe there have been that many. I wonder how many people out there have read every one?

This is the four hundredth post. It will not post as the four hundredth…but it is the four hundredth I’ve written.

I sometimes go back and read them and find it interesting that I don’t remember writing the post. I ¬†am amazed at the number of things I said I’d do but never got around to doing or blogging about. I also realize how badly I need an editor or I need to slow down and re-read everything…twice. Measure twice, cut once, right?

Here’s to four hundred posts about a Land Rover (or two), my hobbies, my family and my friends. Hopefully it was helpful to someone out there. I get emails telling me how helpful it is, so I know it touches a few people (but not in a creepy kind of way).

Thank you for reading, without your clicks I’d probably have stopped posting by now.
Happy Rovering, here’s to you working on your rig less and enjoying the drive more.