Beautiful Automobiles (Post #379) 8/19/2013

1937 Delahaye 135MS Roadster

One of my favorite bloggers, NavyOne at the Mellow Jihadi posted a link to an Art Deco era car slideshow back in July, 2013. Those are some beautiful cars. My favorite is the one I’ve posted, the 1937 Delahaye 135MS. The online article refers to the autos as “sensual”. I couldn’t agree more.
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The Delahaye automobile manufacturing company (Wikipedia) began making cars in 1933. Their history is like many companies from that era. They stopped producing automobiles and trucks in 1954 after a buy out.

At one time they even built an off-road vehicle called the VLRD (Véhicule Léger de Reconnaissance (Delahaye)). On a side note, I bet if there is an VLRD club, it is very exclusive.

I couldn’t help but look at the wheel flarings of the 135MS Roadster and wonder how many hours on an English Wheel it would take to recreate those cars out of steel? I would imagine if we were to create copies of these cars today it would be cheaper to make them out of carbon-fiber than to have a craftsman work them individually.

Simply beautiful.

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