Power Steering Pump Replacement (Post #470) 3/19/2014

The power steering pump on the Range Rover has failed. I bought the replacement and installed it. The procedure is a simple one.

To get to the power steering pump you must remove a several components. In order:

Everything up and out of the way or removed.
Everything up and out of the way or removed.

Remove the air cleaner assembly: You will need to put the mass air flow sensor back and out of the way as well.

Remove the alternator: First disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Remove the cables from the back of the alternator. Remove the alternator and set it aside.

Remove the top radiator hose: You could leave it in place but it is in the way. Disconnect the sensor wires. Move the hose back and out of the way.

After you get everything out of the way you need to drain the power steering fluid. Pulling the hoses off the reservoir is probably the easiest way. Set a pan and drain the fluid.

Parts labeled.
Parts labeled.

Remove the nuts that hold the pulley. Remove the high pressure hose from the side of the pump. Remove the three bolts from the pump that go through the bracket. You can now begin to wiggle the pump out of the bracket. I pushed the shaft down and then found it coming up. You will need to remove the low pressure hose from the bottom of the pump. It’s held in place by a hose clamp.

A different angle
A different angle

Once the pump is out you can begin to install your new pump. I connected the low pressure hose and dropped it down through the bracket. Getting to this hose is a lot of trouble. You’ll need to lay underneath and squeeze your hand up and then tighten the hose clamp. Avoid all that by installing it before as I described.

I hooked up all the hoses. In my example I bought all new hoses. So I swapped those before putting it all together.

Fill with fluid and follow the procedure to bleed the system. It is basically running the steering wheel from full left to full right. There is a bleed screw on top of the steering box. I used a 12mm socket to open and make sure the steering box is full. The bleed procedure in the RAVE manual calls for the engine to be running. this is tricky so be careful.

That’s about it. Try to avoid getting fluid all over the place. Wipe everything down top and bottom after you get the system filled. You will be looking for leaks so be thorough.

I recommend you read the instructions in the RAVE It will give you a good idea of the steps.

On the Difficulty Scale this is a 2. It is a lot of removing and not terrible technical.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

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  1. Sounds easy enough except for the bleeding. Thanx it will come in handy, If I ever need to change mine. Samantha

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