Raquel Welch in a Land Rover (Post #318) 1/25/2013

Monday while everyone else was watching Beyoncé lipsync our National Anthem I was applying the embroidery to my Cherokee bandoleer bag and looking for something to watch on the boob tube. (Strange…the boob tube is no longer shaped like a boob.)

I was haunting the Encore channels because they usually have old movies I’ve never seen. Monday was a home run of epic per portions. I was surfing the channels and saw Raquel Welch was starring in a movie that was described as “a bikini clad skydiver…” I don’t remember the rest, they had me at bikini.

Fathom” (1967). So I watched the truly too terrible to be bad movie. Think about how bad Patrick Swayze’s “Road House” (1989) is and how you still watch it every time its on. This movie was totally predictable and pretty bad over all. But it had Raquel Welch, who I would watch clip her toe nails. How on earth could this get any better? Right in the first few scenes Fathom (Raquel Welch) gets a ride from a friendly British gent and what does he drive? Yep, a Land Rover.

I snapped a shot of the screen because I felt it was my duty to all Land Rover Mankind. It wasn’t in HD so it is fairly low quality. It is likely that I will need to buy this movie on DVD so I can get a better screen capture and perhaps a video of the magic happening.

So we now have two of the most beautiful women in the 20th century riding around in a Land Rovers. I’m sure somewhere there must be a website that has all the beautiful people pictured with their Land Rovers. BINGO (Celebrity Cars Blog.com).

 We have run Marilyn Monroe and the epic pic of her stepping out of a Land Rover (OkieRover 2008). It is perennially in the top ten with the most posts on my blog. Now we have Raquel Welch and her appearance with a Land Rover. We’ll see how it tracks.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.