Rust! (Post #85) 8/20/2007

When I went to change the transaxle oil I had to remove the support beam that runs across the frame just below the transaxle.
And I was shocked to find some really nasty rust.This is not good. And it was badly coroded. I ran the wire brush and a wire wheel on a drill across it as much as I could. I then sprayed it with brake cleaner on the under side. On the beam I washed the brushed part with alcohol and then on both I used the air to dry them.
I then put some self etching primer on it. Mostly to annoy the rust until I can get under there and grind off the rust and repaint the parts.
I’m not sure a set of washers between the bracket and the frame wouldn’t be a bad idea. At least then it would mostly dry after it gets wet. Instead of that water sitting in between and rusting.
I would highly recommend any one with a Discovery with such a support beam get under there and take care of the rust IMMEDIATELY.
Thanks for reading and happy rovering.