Bad news, good news, bad news (Post #84) 8/20/2007

Once again I spent my Saturday under my Discovery. This time to find the ominous noise that to me sounds like I’m dragging a wrench under the truck as I drive.
This is the sound. (4MB mpg file) Listen for yourself.
I swapped the new front drive shaft out with the old one. And I replaced the rear driveshaft front U-joint. The one that connects to the brake drum. And before you ask, yes I took the brake drum off and checked the brakes and checked if something in there was loose.
I also drained and replaced the transaxle oil. And good thing I did. It smelled burned and was a nasty dark color.
Did any of this fix my sound? Nope, nope and nope.
So I’m left with 2 differentials and 2 CV joints I guess.
I have to believe it is a CV joint.
The CV joints on the Disco are not like the Range Rover. I have to believe what ever the sound is it is not floating in oil of some kind. Which leaves me only the CV joints. I checked the differentials and they are full of lube as well.
I think I’m going to seek some outside assistance and then start guessing with parts. As I can’t stand this sound any longer. When what ever it is brakes free it makes a horrible crunch sound that you can just barely catch at the end of the clip. And that wasn’t one of the really loud times. On Thursday night I thought I’d hit a boulder in the road.
As always your comments are welcome.