SCARR 2015 – The Weather (Post #538) 6/10/2015

This year the weather was a “little wetter” than last year. In official terms, it was downright amphibian compared to last year. We enjoyed thunderstorms every evening we were there. “Enjoyed” is a relative term.

We arrived on Thursday night and immediately began to put up camp and get dinner ready. We knew weather was heading toward us. We had it on our phones and in our bones. Our phones gave us the radar and my bones told me it was going to rain and rain hard. It did.

No sooner did we finish dinner did the storm hit. The rain was hard and steady. The wind was up and as far as thunderstorms go, it was an attention-getter. The tent did not repel rain like Mr. Fisher thought it would. He had put a lot of energy into sealing the seams and such but it wasn’t enough.

By the middle of the night we both found 12 square feet in the tent that didn’t have water dripping directly on us. I figured I’d get wet. So I wasn’t stressing it too much. My biggest concern was high winds and lightning.

The morning revealed the damage. The awning was a total loss. We drained the water off and put it back up. With a little bracing and some creative use of the tie-ropes it worked. In the end we left it in a dumpster at the car wash.

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