September 16th, 2002 (Post 1)

September 16th, 2002

The brake wear indicator has been flickering for about 1 week. I was just under the truck a couple of months ago and didn’t remember the pads being that worn. I remembered the sensor on the rear was cut. Maybe it is shorting. So I endevoured to check it. I got out the tire jacking stuff and set it up. I used the official Range Rover lug nut remover tool to attempt to remove the lug nuts. When I last put the lug nuts back I must have had the strength of The Ditchfinder or the Titanium Hitch because they wouldn’t budge. Finally standing on the shaft they broke free. All but one. I noticed the shaft twisting as I moved around the truck removing the wheels. The final nut was quite obstinate. After I virtually straightened the Official lug nut removal tool I went to Home Depot to get a 1 1/8th inch socket and a big breakover bar. Basically $20.

Back to the wheels and this time off they came. So I have a new tool to remove my lug nuts. The brakes are worn down and the wire is not shorting. So I leave you now to order brake pads.