Snowpocalyse 2009, Christmas Eve Addition (Post #160) 12/25/2009

Wow. A record blizzard hit Oklahoma yesterday. 35mph steady winds, gusts past 50mph. Wind Chill temperatures dropped below ZERO last night.

I taxi’d my daughter to work and home. The home trip was punctuated by dozens of abandoned cars right in the middle of the streets. I gave one kid a ride home before the snow hit. He had just got off work and the wind was making a walk home miserable.

On the way home I helped pull a car out that was high centered on the snow at intersection of Sandpiper and Porter. Neither kid had a coat. They just had hoodies and sweat pants on. At least one of them was wearing Lugz on his feet. I told them I would pull them out if they promised to just go home and not back out. They were very appreciative.

I pulled a GMC Jimmy, 2 wheel drive version, out. I managed to get myself stuck in the process. But eventually I got him out with the help of the mailman. We freed the vehicle and finally pushed it to pavement. After the last one I was spent. I managed to breech the 3 foot snow drift in front of the house and got home.

The failed viscous coupling came in handy as the traction control system is mostly not working. But with the viscous on full I had locked front wheels which was very necessary. I may have to investigate getting some kind of lockers.

The entrenching tool came in handy as did the tow strap. The look on people’s faces when you break out an entrenching tool is hard to describe. I must look like the most well prepared boy scout/Marine on the planet.

On the first car rescue there were no recovery points on that car. I think it was a Pontiac. The customary places to hook a car up to were not there. I’m not sure what that kid hooked the strap to but it was some part of the suspension.

I need to get better hooks on the tow strap. The ones there are fine for cars but they do not hook to themselves or any recovery points on my Range Rover. The other strap I have just has loops on the ends. These are fine for Rover to Rover recovery but not domestic automobiles.

I’ve got a video of the wind piling snow behind the house. It was a wicked one.

There is a snow drift where I was standing to video.

A local news channel got some footage from the mess yesterday. It looked like that everywhere.

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading and Happy Rovering.

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