Temporary(?) fix for the leaking throttle body preheating thing (Post #115) 11/21/2008

How do you like that title?
I wasn’t sure what the part on the bottom of the throttle body that developed the leak is called. So that will be the temporary name with the temporary fix.

Temporary because I would have done it a lot different if I knew more about what those bits do. The hose is small and couldn’t possibly affect the cooling ability of the system. It is also temporary because if i were to “re-plumb” that part I would have cut the hose and matched it with the hose going into the manifold. But because it is pressurized it’s got to have a flare on the hose. I don’t have anyway to flare that plastic hose and without the flare the first time it got hot and pressurized it would dump all the coolant in short order.

So for now it will be plumbed that way. I tucked the hoses out of the way and put a zip tie on it to hold it down.

Many thanks go out to Disco Mike for his suggestion to just plumb it closed and call it good. He is an excellent resource and knows his Rovers very well. I owe you a beer (or six) for sure.